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Ant Control Service in Abu Dhabi

Ants have been living on the Earth for more than 100 million years and can be found almost anywhere on the planet. It is estimated that there are about 20,000 different species of ants. For this reason, ants have been called Earth’s most successful species.

Ants build many different types of homes. Many ants build simple little mounds out of dirt or sand. Other ants use small sticks mixed with dirt and sand to make a stronger mound that offers protection from the rain. Western Harvester ants make a small mound on top but then tunnel up to 15 feet straight down to hibernate during winter. Ant mounds consist of many chambers connected by tunnels. Different chambers are used for nurseries, food storage, and resting places for the worker ants. Some ants live in wood like termites. Army ants don’t make a home at all but travel in large groups searching for food. StarWay offers Best and Certified Ant Pest control services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and UAE. We provide Ant Removal Treatment for Home and Yard by Experts

Ant Treatment Services

Ants are one of the most common pests, found almost everywhere you live. These are social pests that live in colonies or groups. Ants can be both nuisance and harmful. There are different types of ants that you can see them marching on your home walls, windows, or floor. There are also flying ants due to which the people can’t tell the difference between termites and ants. But the basic difference to identify termites and ants is their antennas, ants antennas are bent whereas termites antennae are straight.

If you always see the ants marching at your kitchen or other parts of the home and due to this you are facing too much problem then, you can get the best ant control service from getting Pest Control. We are one of the best pest control service providers in Abu Dhabi, serving the best pest management solution in almost every area of UAE

Get Pest Control has the manpower, resources, and most importantly the desire to meet ant treatment requirements of our clients. Not only ants control but we provide different types of pest control services like rodent control, spider control, bedbugs control, wasps control, mosquitoes or flies control, cockroaches control, etc. for residential and commercial spaces. We assure you top quality pest control service at best affordable range.